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Twitter's longest-running comedy project, @FakeThemePark's satire of theme parks earned praise from industry blogs and podcasts, along with Frommer’s, LAist, and the Orlando Sentinel.

Jason Ginsburg spent nearly a decade at Universal Studios Hollywood, serving as a VIP tour guide, show host, PA announcer, and character performer. He drew on his experience as both an employee and a fan to create a loving satire of America’s pop-culture landmarks. The account ran from 2010 to 2022, and still exists in archives on Twitter and Facebook, and in two published collections.

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@FakeThemePark began as a Twitter account. New jokes have been posted multiple times a day, every single day, for 10 years.

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@FakeThemePark expanded to Facebook to post content longer than 280 characters.

Princess - Selfie 2.jpg

Co-written with composer Brandon Sturiale, this piece satirizes Disney princess songs by showing what it's like to play a princess at a park.

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Two books compile the most popular posts, along with exclusive material: If The Princess Rolls Her Eyes, Your Wish Will Come True (2018) and You Must Be This Tall to Exit the Park (2019).

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