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Twitter's longest-running comedy project, @FakeThemePark was unlike anything on the internet. The satirical account earned praise not only from industry blogs and podcasts but also Frommer’s, LAist, and the Orlando Sentinel. Its creator, Jason Ginsburg, spent nearly a decade at Universal Studios Hollywood, serving as a VIP tour guide, show host, PA announcer, and character performer. Ginsburg drew on his experience as both an employee and a fan to create a loving satire of America’s pop-culture landmarks. The account ran from 2010 to 2022, and still exists in archive form on Twitter and Facebook, and in two published collections.

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@FakeThemePark began as a Twitter account. New jokes have been posted multiple times a day, every single day, for 10 years.

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@FakeThemePark expanded to Facebook to post content longer than 280 characters.

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Co-written with composer Brandon Sturiale, this piece satirizes Disney princess songs by showing what it's like to play a princess at a park.

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Two books compile the most popular posts, along with exclusive material: If The Princess Rolls Her Eyes, Your Wish Will Come True (2018) and You Must Be This Tall to Exit the Park (2019).

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