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Jason Ginsburg was born and raised in Dallas. After graduating from USC with a degree in theatre and film, he performed in clubs around Los Angeles with the Naked Apes sketch troupe. His acting career included appearance onstage, on TV, and in commercials.

He turned to writing and producing, helping to create web series for National Lampoon, Home Shopping Network, Playboy, and Science Channel. Jason created the popular comedy Twitter account @FakeThemePark, based on his experience as a tour guide at Universal Studios.

Jason's first produced screenplay, Age of Stone and Sky: The Sorcerer Beast, stars Corey Feldman and Jeffrey Combs, and is streaming on Amazon. His spooky comedy Unexplainable made a top-3 finish in the 2022 Final Draft's Big Break.

Jason works in streaming TV. He lives in New York with his wife and cat.

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