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Writer and Producer


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Top 3 Comedy in 2022 Final Draft's Big Break
Top 1% on Coverfly
On the 2023 Red List

A cattle mutilation in a small town draws four down-on-their-luck paranormal investigators -- a Bigfoot hunter, a ghost hunter, a UFO hunter, and a neo-pagan witch -- who hate each other and think "their" monster is responsible, but they must band together when they discover the town's unexpected secrets.


Sci-Fi Action Thriller

On the verge of a court-martial, a corrupt army officer takes an international team of convicts on a hunt for lost gold in the Carpathian Mountains; but when they're attacked by a series of different dragons, he must finally become a true leader and unite his ragtag squad to make it out alive.

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Best Screenplay Nominee, Feel Good Film Festival

On the verge of losing her scholarship, a shy, nerdy college girl agrees to play quarterback for her school's struggling football team as a publicity stunt, and she uses math, science, and history to turn the team into winners -- but struggles with the popularity that comes with success.


Family Comedy

When a washed-up former astronaut is chosen by an eccentric billionaire to lead an oddball crew of contest winners on the first mission to Mars, his strict leadership clashes with their casual attitudes -- until NASA, envious of the popularity, beats them to Mars. But when the NASA mission gets stranded in space, the astronaut must lead his inexperienced crew to the rescue.

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Authorized American version of the hit Russian crime comedy

An aimless and angry small-time criminal reluctantly drives his estranged gangster father through New York's Russian crime empire to a retirement home, but must help him settle unfinished criminal and family business along the way.


Jason Ginsburg is a storyteller with over a decade of experience in writing and producing for stage, web, TV, and film. His first produced screenplay The Sorcerer Beast stars Corey Feldman and Jeffry Combs, and is streamingn on Amazon. He has written four award-winning feature specs along, and three more with a partner. Jason has written and produced web series for Playboy, Home Shopping Network, Science Channel, and National Lampoon. His articles have been published across the web. He also ran the popular comedy Twitter @FakeThemePark. He has a degree in film and theatre from USC.

Age of Stone and Sky: The Sorcerer Beast

Age of Stone and Sky: The Sorcerer Beast

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